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Venue Rental free of charge!

Available For Non Profits Every Saturday 7:30 - 9:30

We make it simple because the headaches of planning a fundraiser shouldn't get in the way of supporting your cause!

The Party For A Cause PROS


“Party for a Cause” was a concept introduced by Alex Miranda, founder of Jose’s Hands.  In 2009  Alex hosted his annual charity gala under the Party For A Cause model.  The venue provided the space, the staff, light bites and drinks, Alex provided the people.  Alex was able to raise $5000 in ticket sales alone! And ever since, each year’s Party For A Cause fundraiser has succeeded under this model, and we want to share it with you.


Doral's Only Venue to Drink, Dine & Dance

Martini Bar Doral's owners, who have been building bars from scratch since 1991, claim this is their best Martini Bar ever.

They are one of the elite few that have stood the test of time in the industry. 

There's nothing ordinary about this extraordinary entertainment experience.

The Party For A Cause PROS

We understand the costs and burden that planning a major fundraising event for your charity can be on the volunteers and the bottom line dollars.



  • Are you starting a non-profit and need a launch event?

  • Do you want to raise money for a favorite non-profit and need a venue?

  • Is your social cause celebrating an anniversary? 

  • Looking to start having a yearly gala for your fundraising?


How It Works


We want to help you meet your fundraising goals!

By Party for a Cause and Martini Bar Doral partnering together. We are able to provide...

The Non-Profit Event Solution!

What We Provide...

  • Venue & Staff:  We will waive venue rental fees and provide the door, bar and food staff to serve your event.

  • Drinks & Food:  We will provide 1 drink ticket per person and bar snacks throughout the venue.

  • Marketing Materials:  We will set you up with a digital flyer to promote the event, a press release and tons of resources to make sure your event is well attended.  We even provide a free night stay at The Epic to entice ticket sales.

  • Standard Setup Equipment:  a red carpet to greet your guests, a backdrop with your logo to take pictures in front of, registration desk, a stage, microphone and projector screen for presentations.

  • Video and Photography:  our in-house photography and videography team will document the entire event for you to have pictures to post on your website and social media after the event

  • Valet Parking:  Valet parking discount is given to attendees.

  • Live Entertainment:  

Extra Amenities

Everything we provide for you will let you host an amazing event!  But some charities would like to add additional amenities to their events.

  • Open Bar:  we can arrange special pricing for 1, 2 or 3 hour open bars.

  • Food: we have special pricing for passed food or buffets.

  • Decorations & Themes:  depending on the night we can allow for decorations and themes you want to provide


Our team wants to ensure you have the perfect gala and we’ll work to accommodate any of your additional needs.

You Provide

Your supporters to come and enjoy the event!


No Venue rental. We offer our venue free of charge Saturdays from 7:30 - 9:30


Event Promotion Included. We'll help you get the people there!


Plan Like A Pro Party For A Cause Event Planning Course

Why It Works

We make it simple!


A gala can cost more than $5,000 to put together.  By the time the event is over, you’ve broken even or lost money because of all the money spent putting it together!  Not to mention all of the time spent planning it out.


It would be our pleasure to serve your charity.  With us your costs are ZERO and you make 100% profit.


  • You get to keep 100% of your ticket sales.  We suggest you sell tickets to the event for at least $30.  It includes a free drink.

  • 10% percentage of food & beverage sales after $5,000.  If $10,000 is spent on food & beverage, we write your charity a check for $500 since you sold $5,000 above the first $5,000.

  • Silent auctions are huge money makers.  We can set up a table inside or outside to host items you have collected.

  • Raffle ticket sales

  • VIP upgrade tickets (to include drinks & food).

  • whatever other ideas you can think of to raise money at an event, we’re open to discussing

Email us to schedule a planning session.

As you might imagine, many charities will be contacting us to book their Party for a Cause. Please contact us immediately to schedule a date 6 weeks or later from today.  We can plan events up to one year in advance.


No matter what type of charity we are hosting, our dedicated event coordinator will make accommodations to meet the specific needs of each group to help you host the best fundraiser events to reach your goals.

Thanks for submitting!

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3450 NW 83rd Avenue, Doral, FL 33166


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