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Martini Bar Florida
SINCE 1991

We used our 20+ years of building Martini Bars across South Florida from the ground up, with each one an improvement upon the other.


From layout conveniences, to sectioned off areas for private events, this uniquely created environment was built on the back of imagination and experience.


The owners traveled the world to get ideas for furniture and decor.  They visited countless bar & nightlife tradeshows to make sure they had the latest state-of-the-art technology in drinks, dining and entertainment experiences.

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Martini Bar Florida

Not only was every piece of furniture hand-crafted and every metal railing bent and fit on-site, also we’re taking the same homemade concept and applying to our cocktails.

We’re featuring hand-crafted all-natural cocktails with the freshest ingredients.  An exclusive set of health-conscience bartenders come in daily to prepare all natural mixers.

Martini Bar Florida

For active Doral professionals who enjoy happy hours, great music and dancing,  Martini Bar at CityPlace Doral is an entertainment venue which allows the option of starting and ending your night in the same spot offering two separate environments.


Enjoy outside patio seating or inside club lounging. Relax and enjoy the beautiful outdoors with a cocktail and hookah or   party in our state-of-the-art nightclub.  You call the shots.


With Martini Bar Doral you can guarantee that everyone in your party will have a great time because there’s a space that’s just right for them.

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